Adopt Me updates are known to occur between intervals of 1-6 months. They also post upcoming updates on their social platforms such as twitter an 

What scams should I watch out for on adopt me roblox?

1. Adopt Me Trust Trade: The scammer will ask you to give your items first, promising they will give you their stuff after they receive yours.

Solution: Don't trust trade.

2. Fake Items: Some scammers will use items that look similar to a valuable item to trick you into thinking it is valuable. 
Solution: Be aware of what items look like. Their rarity, looks, etc.

3. Sharking: Sharking is when the scammer tells you their item is worth more than it actually is, causing you to unfairly overpay
Solution: Use the value list!

What is the most popular pet in Adopt Me?

Higher valued pets on the value list are most likely to be chosen over pets of lower value. However, most players are usually able to afford the highly wanted unicorn, as well as neon fly ride legendaries. 

When is the next Adopt Me Update?

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